Dacia Partners with NNG to Offer Drivers OpenStreetMap-Based Navigation

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NNG has introduced NNG Maps, a new map offering for Dacia drivers. This community-driven solution is based on OpenStreetMap (OSM), a global map database utilized by millions globally. NNG Maps integrates tailored automotive content and services from NNG and its extensive partner network. Leveraging over a decade of in-house OSM expertise, NNG Maps provides a navigation experience enriched with features and updated regularly. 

BUDAPEST, Hungary, July 2, 2024 — NNG announced its partnership with Dacia to provide NNG Maps, an OpenStreetMap-based map solution, for Dacia vehicles. NNG Maps is a new, value-driven, and feature-rich community-sourced map solution that lets Dacia drivers benefit from frequent map updates, fresher map data, and richer content including greater road network coverage and more points of interest (POIs).

NNG and Dacia Offer Drivers OSM-Based Maps for Navigation

OpenStreetMap is the largest crowdsourced repository of human geospatial knowledge in the world. Built by a global community of contributors that keep data about map features, including roads, trails, cafés, and railway stations, continuously updated. Contributors use aerial imagery, GPS devices, and field maps, alongside other sources, to verify that OSM is accurate and up-to-the-minute.

NNG’s solution utilizes an OSM base-layer and empowers automakers to customize their maps based on brand and customer preferences through a diverse, independent portfolio of additional content and services. Leveraging two decades of map compilation and validation expertise, NNG offers automakers bespoke map solutions that are more feature-rich, have greater freshness, and are more frequently updated. This new solution has proven highly beneficial for drivers, with thousands already registered across Europe, including France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

“We have assisted our partners in evaluating and implementing OSM-based solutions since 2013.” said Balázs Bodorkós, Director of Product Management, NNG. “Our expertise in maps, OSM, and our ongoing commitment to collaboration with the OSM community, make us uniquely positioned to provide up-to-date, value-driven content solutions for the automotive industry as it continues to evolve.”   

The benefits of NNG Maps stem from the unique, community-driven nature of OSM, along with NNG’s decades of compilation expertise and its deep understanding of automakers’ navigation-specific requirements. The map solution guarantees not only accurate and up-to-date information for Dacia drivers and other automakers but also unparalleled coverage and expansion capabilities. With NNG Maps, users can explore the world confidently, knowing that their navigation needs are met by the combined strength of OSM’s community-driven data and NNG’s navigation expertise. Learn more .

NNG Maps is currently available for Europe with further regional expansion planned from 2025 onwards.

About NNG

NNG is a leading global supplier of embedded and connected software solutions for the automotive industry. Found in over 60 million devices worldwide, its solutions span navigation, automotive-grade maps, connected services, digital cockpit and driver assistance solutions, and software engineering services. NNG delivers the next generation of smart, secure, and connected mobility – from the cockpit to the cloud.

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NNG and Dacia Offer Drivers OSM-Based Maps for Navigation