Hikvision Unveils Updated LED Products and Technologies at Launch Event

57 Hikvision's fully-upgraded LED product lineup and technologies showcased at its latest launch event

HANGZHOU, China, June 18, 2024 — Hikvision recently held its LED Displays Launch Event 2024, showcasing significant advancements in research and development, and a newly expanded product line. This event impressed global audiences with the synchronized operations of its two manufacturing facilities, the introduction of its fifth generation LED cabinets, and the launch of diverse LED products designed for outdoor displays, creative displays, modules, and controllers.

2024 Hikvision LED display product launch event

A foundation built on digital manufacturing and constant innovation

While known for its video security solutions, Hikvision entered the LED market over a decade ago. The company has consistently translated its technological breakthroughs into market advantages, with products available in more than 150 countries.

The key to Hikvision’s success lies in its pioneering capabilities. Its two manufacturing facilities in Tonglu and Wuhan boast a combined annual production capacity exceeding 500,000 square meters. Throughout its entire manufacturing process, Hikvision adheres to strict standards and ensures top-tier quality management.

A stunning debut: The fifth generation LED cabinet as a game changer

At this event, Hikvision highlighted its latest advancements in display technology. This new release boasts advanced industrial design, promising industry-leading performance and user-friendliness.

With an advanced cabinet structure measuring only 29.3 mm thick and weighing just 17 kg/m², Hikvision’s new flagship product combines elegance with robustness. Its innovative big board design simplifies installation and is compatible with a wide range of resolution options. The cabinet supports both horizontal and vertical wiring, reducing costs and enhancing efficiency.

Hikvision’s fifth generation LED cabinet features a unified structure, accommodating three lamp board technologies: COB (chip on board), HOB (Hikvision glue on board), and SMD (surface mount device). This reduces the risk of obsolete inventory and minimizes product iteration costs. The Ultra series offers seamless pixel pitch replacement and color consistency through single-cabinet calibration. The Solid Plus and Solid series deliver durability, ease of maintenance, and energy efficiency.

Hikvision’s fifth generation LED cabinet is transforming display solutions across various industries. From command centers and conference rooms to theaters and retail stores, they offer more vivid color reproduction and more immersive experiences than ever before.

Full-scale upgrades: Expanding to controllers, software and beyond

  • LED controllers: To enhance its entire product ecosystem, Hikvision has significantly upgraded its LED controllers. The C series supports various HUB interface receiving cards and offers excellent value for channel customers. The flagship P series, available in full- and half-width versions, caters to diverse needs in information release and splicing control. Advanced video wall controllers are suitable for both small monitoring setups and large command centers.
  • LED software: Beyond hardware, Hikvision also offers powerful LED software with web-based configuration for all LED controllers. For advanced requirements, its LED batch controller enables simultaneous configuration of multiple controllers. For complex advertising design and distribution, HikCentral FocSign provides detailed scheduling, comprehensive workflows, and a centralized status monitoring dashboard.
  • Indoor displays, outdoor displays, and LED modules: In its indoor LED product line, the Flex and Value series have been further enhanced to better serve retail scenarios. Meanwhile, its reliable outdoor LED series, including LumiUltra, LumiFit, and LumiSquare, now offer a wider range of options in pitch, brightness, and affordability. Additionally, Hikvision’s self-developed LED modules have covered a variety of models, including indoor, outdoor, soft, and cut-edge, to meet the diverse scenario needs.

As a leading force in the global LED display industry, Hikvision is poised to deliver groundbreaking innovations and exciting developments. For more details and updates, please visit the Hikvision’s .

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