K-Pet develops disease prevention solutions for extended healthy life

Health35 healthhld K-Pet develops disease prevention solutions to extend the healthy life of pets

SEOUL, South Korea, May 24, 2024 — On the 23rd, ( ) announced the development of a new pet disease prevention solution, tentatively named K-PET, utilizing genetic analysis technology.

Despite the rapid growth of the domestic pet market, pets face significant challenges in disease prevention compared to humans, often resulting in shorter lifespans or abandonment. To tackle these issues, K-PET aims to support disease prevention and extend the healthy lifespans of pets through cancer and disease genetic testing.

The process for genetic disease testing involves remotely collecting cells from pets, followed by RT-PCR to detect genetic mutations and DNA profiling. Pet owners can then review the results and receive consultations through an app.

Furthermore, K-PET plans to offer a comprehensive one-stop service covering the entire lifecycle of pets. This includes providing information on nearby veterinary clinics, a shopping mall for supplements and pet food, insurance options, and funeral services.

Kim Hee-tae, CEO of K-PET, stated, “K-PET offers disease genetic information through PCR testing of pet DNA. By preventing potential diseases through remote genetic testing, we aim to contribute to not just the extension of lifespans but the extension of healthy lifespans for pets.”