Montreal-Based Liberty City Founders Secure Silicon Valley Billionaire Investment for Quebec Tech Project

91 The TADROS brothers, founders of Liberty City, from Montreal, Canada receive the support of a globally recognized billionaire from Silicon Valley for a technology project in Quebec

Their concept of “Bitcoin House with Passive Income” redefines traditional property income.

STE-JULIENNE, QC, July 4, 2024 – ÉRIC & DANIEL TADROS, the minds behind the Liberty City real estate development, have secured funding from Tim Draper, a venture capitalist known for his early investments in companies like Tesla and SpaceX. Draper has also backed over 20 companies that now generate over a billion dollars in annual revenue. Some of his notable successes include Baidu, Skype, Hotmail, Robinhood, Coinbase, Ledger, Twitch, Docusign, and Telegram.

ÉRIC & DANIEL TADROS, Founders of Liberty City (CNW Group/Liberty City)

Responding to the rising difficulties for young families to afford homes and the increasing interest rates, Eric and Daniel Tadros have devised a revolutionary concept that challenges the status quo of the real estate industry. Their idea: “Bitcoin House with Passive Income,” utilizes heat generated by high-performance computer centers, specifically those involved in Bitcoin mining, to generate passive income without the need for tenants.

Situated within the Liberty City development, prospective buyers can get a first look at the inaugural Bitcoin House on July 6th at noon in Sainte-Julienne. This is the first of four Bitcoin Houses to be constructed on a 158,358 square meter plot. This exceptional project combines housing, ecological sustainability, and Bitcoin mining technology.

The project boasts these features:

  • Passive income generation through Bitcoin mining
  • Reuse of heat waste for 9 applications around the house
  • Rainwater collection systems
  • Solar panels

This outstanding project showcases the commitment of a foreign investor in Quebec, providing support to local entrepreneurs in the real estate and technology fields.

offer a promising solution for families looking to become homeowners while achieving self-sufficiency.

SOURCE Liberty City