Shanghai Film Art Center and Film-Oriented Destination Launch as Cultural Hub During Film Festival

22 3 FOD and Shanghai Film Art Center Debut as Cultural Hub Amidst 26th Shanghai International Film Festival

SHANGHAI, June 18, 2024 — The Shanghai Film Art Center officially opened its doors on June 14, coinciding with the opening of the 26th Shanghai International Film Festival. Located within a historic garden mansion at 200 Xinhua Road, the center’s debut marks a new era for Shanghai’s thriving film scene.

Shanghai Film Art Center

The opening performance, “Journey of Fragrance,” a collaboration between actor and artist Huang Bo and choreographer Gao Yanjinzi, captivated the audience with its blend of installation art and contemporary dance. This performance, inspired by Huang Bo’s “Breaker” series, uses waves as a metaphor for emotions, aiming to immerse the audience in a profound and multifaceted spiritual journey, utilizing the power of installation art to push creative boundaries.

The opening show

Wang Jian‘er, Chairman and Party Secretary of Shanghai Film Group, emphasized Shanghai’s legacy as the birthplace of Chinese cinema and the center’s mission to break down barriers, connecting film with a wide range of artistic expressions. He invited the public to explore the diverse artistic offerings at the center.

FOD(Film-Oriented Destination)

The Film-Oriented Destination (FOD), encompassing the Shanghai Film Art Center, SHO Dolby Auditorium, CHAO Hotel, and Clubhouse, has officially launched, poised to become a hub for international film exchange and a cultural landmark for premieres and debuts.

FOD’s strategy hinges on a three-pronged approach – film content, cultural festivals, and fashion-forward living – to enhance Shanghai’s appeal as a cinematic city and a cosmopolitan hub. The collective aims to establish a multifaceted ecosystem that brings together film, culture, fashion, and leisure.

CHAO Hotel

This autumn, CHAO Hotel and Clubhouse are scheduled to open, promising an exclusive experience infused with art, culture, and lifestyle. The Clubhouse will serve as a gathering space for film professionals and enthusiasts, with a curated calendar of events ranging from forums to screenings.

SHO Dolby Auditorium

The SHO Dolby Auditorium, a pioneer in China’s multi-hall cinema movement and recipient of a 2023 revamp, stands as a testament to Shanghai’s dedication to cinematic excellence, boasting state-of-the-art facilities that can cater to a vast audience.

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