Snap Unveils AI-Powered Tools to Enhance Augmented Reality Experiences


Snap Inc. (NYSE:SNAP), the parent company of Snapchat, unveiled its new generative AI technology on Tuesday. This technology is designed to enhance special effects on phone cameras, making them more realistic. Snap aims to stay ahead of the curve in the social media landscape with this development.

Known for its pioneering work in augmented reality (AR), which blends digital effects with real-world visuals, Snap also announced a refreshed version of its developer platform, Lens Studio. This platform empowers artists and developers to create AR features not only for Snapchat but also for other websites and apps.

Snapchat users can expect to use these improved AR special effects, known as lenses, in the coming months.

Bobby Murphy, Snap’s Chief Technology Officer, explained that the enhanced Lens Studio will significantly reduce the time needed to create AR effects, shortening it from weeks to mere hours. At the same time, it enables the creation of more intricate and complex effects.

“These tools expand creative possibilities for users and are also user-friendly, enabling even beginners to quickly create something unique,” Murphy stated in an interview.

The upgraded Lens Studio now includes a set of generative AI tools, including an AI assistant to guide developers with their questions. Another tool allows artists to generate a 3D image for their AR lens automatically by simply entering a prompt, eliminating the need to manually create a 3D model from scratch.

Furthermore, Snap intends to extend AR experiences to encompass the entire body, not just facial features. This includes generating new outfits, which, as Murphy pointed out, currently poses a significant challenge.