Tesla Recalls Close to 3,900 Cybertrucks Due to Issues with Pedal

Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) has initiated a recall of 3,878 Cybertruck pickups to rectify issues with accelerators that may dislodge, leading to unintended acceleration and increased accident risks.

According to a recall report submitted to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Tesla received notice of two customer claims related to the problem. The carmaker stated that applying high force to the Cybertruck’s accelerator could cause the pedal to dislodge and become trapped by the interior trim.

Tesla has announced that it will rectify the accelerator pedal issue at no cost to customers. As of 9:48 a.m. Friday in New York, the company’s shares were trading down by less than 1%. Year-to-date, Tesla stock has declined by 40%.

This recall offers insight into the number of Cybertrucks sold since CEO Elon Musk handed over the first pickups to customers in November. However, Tesla has yet to provide a breakdown of deliveries for the model in its quarterly production and delivery reports.

Musk has previously estimated that it will take 12 to 18 months for Tesla to ramp up production of the stainless steel-clad Cybertruck to high volume levels. He cautioned that the company is unlikely to achieve an annualized production rate of 250,000 pickups until sometime next year.