MegaPro Biomedical MPB-1734 Receives Composition Patent for New Dosage Form of Anticancer Drug which enhanced the immune-combination therapy

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MegaPro Biomedical (6827) Press Release on MegaPro Biomedical Receiving Compositional Patent for MPB-1734, an anti-cancer 505(b)(2) new formulation drug.

Release Date: November 15, 2022


MegaPro Biomedical MPB-1734 Receives Composition Patent for New Dosage Form of Anticancer Drug which enhanced the immune-combination therapy


MegaPro Biomedical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “MegaPro”, Taiwan OTC stock code: 6827) announces that the product MPB-1734, a new dosage form of anticancer drug under its nano-micelle technology platform, has officially obtained the Notice of Allowance for its US compositional patent.  In addition, the MPB-1734 has been approved by the FDA (USA) and TFDA (Taiwan) for Phase 1/2a clinical trials, and two subjects have been enrolled into the trial so far.


Dr. Yuan-Hung Hsu, Executive Vice President of MegaPro Biomedical, states that based on the unique nano-micelle technology, hydrophobic drugs that are poorly soluble in water can be stably dispersed in water while increasing its solubility by more than 1,000 times, which an intravenous injection medical product can be established.    This advancement substantially improves the shortcomings of the current commercial available formulation, which requires the use of emulsifiers with concerns of hypersensitivity and needs steroids pre-treatment before injection. On the other hand, due to the characteristics of nano dimensioning, the bio-distribution of drugs in the body is changed, which greatly reduces the side effects of chemotherapy drugs.  At the same time, because of its characteristic of being capable of avoiding the P-Glycoprotein drug efflux pump, there is an opportunity for the MPB-1734 to be used on patients who have developed chemo-resistance.


In addition, MegaPro states that, in the head and neck cancer animal model, it was found that treatment by the MPB-1734 can greatly increase the immune cells infiltration in tumors (Ex: CD8+ T cells). The changes in the tumor microenvironment are also reflected the synergistic benefit in antitumor effect, as the tumor inhibition rate of the MPB-1734 combined immune-oncology agent was significantly superior than that of the monotherapy of immune-oncology agent and MPB-1734.  There is a great potential opportunity for the MPB-1734 to be combined with immunotherapy in the future. In addition to its own therapeutic effect, the MPB-1734 can also change the microenvironment of the tumor from a cold tumor that was thought to be ineffective for immunotherapy into a hot tumor, attaining the best combined treatment effect.


MegaPro further states that the MPB-1734 is currently undergoing clinical trials for patients with advanced solid tumors. In the future, the company will target ovarian cancer and head and neck cancer , which has a high recurrence rate. For those who cannot continue to receive further treatment due to suffering from severe side effects of neutropenia, MPB1734 may provide them with a new usable drug.  MegaPro plans to speed up the process of clinical studies by applying for 505(b)(2) new drug forms and orphan drugs designation to the US FDA, hoping to benefit patients by offering new treatment opportunities.


About MegaPro Biomedical Co., Ltd.:

MegaPro Biomedical Co., Ltd. (stock code: 6827) was founded in 2014 and branched out from the Industrial Technology Research Institute. It is a new drug technology company mainly engaged in the development of niche nano-drugs.  MegaPro owns two nanotechnology platforms – “Nanoparticles” and “Nanomicrocells”, developing nano iron oxide products.  At present, products making the most progress are injectable iron supplements and liver cancer imaging agents for iron deficiency anemia. Currently, MegaPro has developed three major products, namely MPB-1514 iron supplement for iron deficiency anemia, MPB-1523 contrast agent for MRI diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma, and MPB-1734, a new dosage form of anticancer drug.

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