Climate activist defaces famous painting in Paris

Authorities in Paris have detained a rogue advocate for climate issues after she damaged a well-known painting by Claude Monet at the Musée d’Orsay on Saturday. 

The protestor, affiliated with the French environmental activist group, Riposte Alimentaire, defaced “Les Coquelicots” by adhering a large red sticker to its surface and affixing her hand to the wall. 

The red sticker depicted an apocalyptic, futuristic version of the same scene. Riposte Alimentaire, which translates to “Food Response,” in French, said the scene is supposed to show what the field would look like in 2100, “ravaged by flames and drought,” if more action isn’t taken against climate change.

The woman was detained pending investigation, according to . It was unclear whether the incident damaged the painting. 

Saturday marked the latest actions by protestors with Riposte Alimentaire, targeting artworks in France in calls for action to protect food supplies from further damage to the climate. 

The museum is a top tourist destination and home to some of the world’s most-loved Impressionist works.