Fire Erupts in Rouen Cathedral Spire

A fire ignited on Thursday in the spire of the medieval cathedral in Rouen, France, but authorities reported that it was brought under control within approximately 90 minutes.

Witnesses, speaking on BFM television, described smoke billowing from the spire, drawing comparisons to the devastating fire of 2019 in Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral, which resulted in the collapse of its spire and roof.

The impressive Gothic cathedral in Rouen, Normandy, is renowned for its depiction in a series of paintings by Claude Monet, the renowned Impressionist artist.

Mayor Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol announced on the social media platform X, “A fire has started on the spire of Rouen Cathedral.”

Stephane Gouezec, of the Seine-Maritime firefighters, later confirmed that the fire had been contained, specifically in a spire undergoing renovations. Firefighters were diligently working to ensure the absence of any lingering “hot spots.” Gouezec assured reporters that the risk of the fire spreading was minimal due to its location in an area primarily composed of metal.

Gouezec stated that construction workers were the first to detect the fire and alerted authorities.

The cathedral had been evacuated, and a security perimeter was established, according to regional officials.

The cathedral, a prominent landmark, is scheduled to reopen in December following an extensive reconstruction effort. The cause of the 2019 fire was determined to be an accident.