Poisonous Snake Found Coiled on Child’s Bed in Australia

A family in Australia received an unexpected surprise when they discovered a venomous snake curled up among stuffed animals on their child’s bed.

The red-bellied black snake, reminiscent of a horror movie, was found in the child’s bedroom on Sunday morning in Jimboomba, a town located approximately 30 miles south of Brisbane.

Video footage of the encounter was captured by Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast, showing Bryce Lockett confronting the nearly 3-foot serpent.

The video shows Lockett approaching the bed, removing one of the girl’s stuffed toys, and revealing the snake.

“Definitely not what you want in a bed,” Lockett remarked.

He then used a snake hook tool to secure the snake before grabbing it near its tail and lowering it to the ground.

“There he is,” Lockett stated. “It looks like he’s about to shed his skin. He’s a bit light on the belly.”

After lowering the snake to the ground, he guided it toward a bag, into which it eventually slithered.

Lockett then picked up the bag and removed the reptilian intruder from the property.

“Red-bellied Black Snakes are one of the most common venomous snakes on the east coast of Australia, and are responsible for a number of bites every year,” the Australian Museum states on its website. “Despite the number of bites received every year, very few human deaths have resulted.”

The museum explains that many of the snake’s bite victims “experience only mild or negligible” symptoms, although some end up being hospitalized.