Police Search for Crossbow-Wielding Suspect After Three Women Killed in Home

Police are searching for a man believed to be armed with a crossbow after three women were killed in a suburban home. The victims have been identified as the wife and two daughters of BBC commentator John Hunt.

Kyle Clifford, 26, is the suspect in the triple murder, which is believed to have involved a crossbow and other weapons, according to Hertfordshire Police.

“The manhunt also involves armed police officers and specialist search teams responding at pace in the wake of what has been an horrific incident,” said Chief Superintendent Jon Simpson.

The confirmed that the victims were Carol Hunt, wife of BBC commentator John Hunt, and two of their daughters. Police said the ages of the victims were 25, 28 and 61.

John Hunt is a main horse racing commentator, having covered the world-famous Grand National and The Derby. He had just returned home on Tuesday evening from reporting at Lingfield Park racecourse, just south of London, when he found the bodies, according to British media. 

Paramedics and police raced to save the victims, but they were pronounced dead at the scene, authorities said.

While did not confirm whether there was any relationship between the victims and Clifford, who is from London, the British media have described him as an ex-boyfriend of one of the daughters.

The BBC reported that Clifford briefly served in the British army in 2022. No other details were immediately available.

Laurence Brass, a local councilor who lives nearby, told the BBC that he was home on television when a helicopter landed on the lawn outside.

“We’re very shocked; we’re not used to this in this area – it’s a typical leafy, British suburb,” Brass said.

Police are continuing to hunt for Clifford and have urged him to contact the authorities.