Report: Saudi authorities approve lethal force to clear land for futuristic eco-city

A former colonel is claiming that the national government is killing individuals for refusing eviction ahead of construction of a futuristic eco-city. Colonel Rabih Alenezi, who was taken into protection by the authorities last year, told the BBC that lethal force has been approved for clearing residents from land sanctioned for the Neom development project.”Whoever continues to resist [eviction] should be killed, so it licensed the use of lethal force against whoever stayed in their home,” Alenezi told the BBC.The region is mostly populated by the Huwaitat tribe, who have suffered mass-arrests and crackdowns for not complying with eviction orders.Multiple villages have already been torn down in pursuit of furthering the Neom project, an eco-friendly urban development program heavily funded by Western nations.”[Neom] is the centerpiece of Mohamed Bin Salman’s ideas,” Alenezi reportedly told the BBC. “That’s why he was so brutal in dealing with the Huwaitat.”A main pillar of the Neom project is “The Line,” a proposed eco-city without the need of automotive vehicles. The 106-mile metropolis will be arranged in the titular “line” layout with public transportation allowing quick travel through the skinny urban area.Saudi prime minister has focused his attention and vast resources on the project, with hopes its completion will mark a new era in the modernization of his father’s kingdom. Digital reached out to the Saudi Arabian embassy in for comment and has not yet received a response.The Neom project and its Line city are both part of the nation’s Saudi Vision 2030 agenda. Just a little over two kilometers of The Line are expected to be completed by 2030, with further construction to continue throughout the decade.