University of Tehran professor comments on potential support from US student protesters in time of conflict between Iran and America

A professor said in an interview that Iran likes seeing protests on U.S. college campuses, adding those are their supporters if there is ever a conflict between the two countries.”Sooner or later, this kind of support for the Zionist regime by the American regime will diminish. It might not stop completely, but its diminishing is important,” he said. “This is why the demonstrations [on are important.”Izadi spoke as a member of the Islamic Republic, and oftentimes said, “we,” referring to him and the republic.”We are watching the demonstrations and like what we see, but it should not end with this,” Izadi said. “If not for the Islamic Republic, the case of the Palestinian idea would have been closed years ago. The idea of resistance belongs to Iran, but on the operational level, when it comes to recruiting connections and building networks, the [Iranian] state has not been involved in a sufficient level.”These (American students) are our people,” he continued. “If tensions between America and Iran rise tomorrow or the day after, these are the people who will have to take to the streets to support Iran.”Izadi said there are Hezbollah-style groups in the U.S. that are much larger than those in Lebanon.”America is the Great Satan and our main enemy, but we have hope in these areas,” he said.