Zelenskyy: Putin Dislikes Biden and Trump, Calls for Strong Action

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy argued that regardless of whether Democrats or Republicans win the November presidential election, Russian President Vladimir Putin will “hate” them both. 

“[President] Biden and [Donald] Trump are very different. But they are supportive [of] democracy, and that’s why I think Putin will hate both of them,” he said Tuesday night, speaking from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute, just one block from the White House.

“He doesn’t love America. And he hates Ukraine,” he said. “Because he hates democracy.”

Zelenskyy’s comments were made in response to questions posed by  chief political anchor and executive editor of “Special Report” Bret Baier, after a speech he gave urging the U.S. and its NATO allies to act strongly in the face of Russia’s continued aggression against Ukraine. 

Questions about the U.S. election and Washington’s role in NATO have mounted since Biden and Trump took to the stage last month for their first debate this election cycle. Biden’s weak performance and Trump’s refusal to answer questions on what U.S. involvement in the alliance would look like, have , particularly as it relates to the war in Ukraine.

The U.S. is the largest supporter of military aid to Kyiv, but Trump has threatened to cut aid to Ukraine should he win, and he has with the Russian authoritarian leader.

“The whole world is looking to November. And truly speaking – Putin awaits November too,” Zelenskyy said. “It’s time to step out of the shadows, to make strong decisions work, to act and not to wait for November or any other month.”

“I hope that if the people of America will elect President Trump, I hope that his policy with Ukraine will not change,” he added.

Conservative sources have told Digital that they believe it is unlikely that Trump would pull out of NATO, though concerns remain high that even a diminished presence in the alliance could have devastating effects on European security. 

“I hope that the United States will never go out from NATO,” Zelenskyy said. “Otherwise, the world will lose a lot of countries.”

Security officials have warned that even removing U.S. troops from posts in – a threat Zelenskyy also reiterated Tuesday night, noting that failing to help Kyiv stop Russia in Ukraine will have costly effects on the U.S. in the future.

“Putin will never stop [in] Ukraine, and you will see it. If we will not stop him… he will go further, and he will go to the NATO countries,” Zelenskyy said, referencing countries such as Poland and other former Soviet bloc nations. 

“And after that, the people and the soldiers of the United States will go and will defend these countries,” he said in reference to commitments the U.S. is held to under Article 5 of the NATO charter, which says an attack on one NATO nation will prompt a response from all NATO nations.

“It’s a tragedy for everybody to lose people, sons and daughters,” Zelenskyy said. “That’s why I think until the moment Ukraine is strong, all the world pays a low price.”