GPT-PRHelper to Disrupt Southeast Asia’s PR Distribution Landscape, Says AsiaPresswire at Product Debut

Hong Kong – Nov 21, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – AsiaPresswire, the leading press release distribution platform in Asia, believes its new AI writing assistant GPT-PRHelper will disrupt the Southeast Asia press release distribution landscape. At the product launch event, AsiaPresswire CTO Bruce Wong outlined how GPT-PRHelper’s advanced natural language generation capability will empower PR professionals to achieve higher productivity and make an impact in the fast-growing SEA markets.

“We see tremendous opportunities in Southeast Asia for our groundbreaking AI solution GPT-PRHelper,” said Wong. “With its automated drafting and translation into 21 languages, GPT-PRHelper will enable communicators to easily produce localized press releases tailored for different SEA countries and deliver their news rapidly across the region.”

According to Wong, the public relations industry in Southeast Asia is booming. PR spend in SEA is projected to reach US$1.2 billion by 2027, growing at 11% annually. “However, despite growing budgets, PR professionals still face challenges meeting demands for more content across multiple languages,” Wong explained. “That’s where GPT-PRHelper comes in. Our AI assistant automates the most labor-intensive part of PR – writing high-quality press releases from scratch – so practitioners can focus on strategic counsel and maximizing publicity.”

GPT-PRHelper will significantly enhance earned media opportunities for brands in Southeast Asia. The AI can quickly generate press release drafts for regional or single market campaigns and translate them into SEA’s major languages like Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, Malay, Khmer, Lao and Burmese.

“The ability to scale localized content production changes the game for regional communications,” said Wong. “With GPT-PRHelper, we can help clients spread their stories far and wide in Southeast Asia to capture the attention of mainstream, niche and online media.”

GPT-PRHelper will also level the playing field for smaller PR firms in Southeast Asia looking to grow their regional footprint. “High-quality localization used to require substantial time, personnel and financial investment,” he said. “GPT-PRHelper democratizes access by automating translation into 21 languages with just a few clicks. Now firms of any size can easily distribute news across Southeast Asia without the traditional localization barriers.”

Wong emphasized that GPT-PRHelper is designed specifically for the PR profession, trained on millions of press releases over 10 months. “We fine-tuned the AI on a dataset of top-tier press releases to ensure it generates the style, format and standard of quality that media expect,” he said. “Our clients can rely on GPT-PRHelper to consistently produce releases that capture journalist attention and drive coverage.”

According to Wong, the response from initial users in Southeast Asia has been overwhelmingly positive. Clients report that GPT-PRHelper saves them hours of writing and translating, allowing them to take on more clients and assignments.

He believes that by empowering PR firms of all sizes to efficiently tell their stories regionally, GPT-PRHelper will bring more diversity and creativity into the Southeast Asian PR landscape.

“We developed GPT-PRHelper to solve real communications challenges for PR professionals working across Southeast Asia,” said Wong. “The technology opens new possibilities for brands to engage wider audiences, develop higher-impact campaigns, and ultimately succeed in these fast-growing, competitive markets.”

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