Intelliverse AI Smart Contract Builder Launches Private Token Sale on May 10

Intelliverse AI smart contract builder begins private $ICPTG sale on May 10 –$ICPTG with a 67% discount

Singapore – May 11, 2024 – (SeaPRwire) – Intelliverse, a suite of AI-powered tools for smart contract creation and token offerings, announces the private sale of its $ICPTG token on BNB Chain. ICPTG holders will benefit from staking rewards, exclusive IDO allocations, and DAO voting rights. The starting price is $0.10 for 1 $ICPTG – 67% lower than the public sale price of $0.30.

Intelliverse: the first all-in-one suite of AI tools for Web3

Intelliverse Crypto Platform Technology Group (ICPTG) offers a pioneering set of AI-powered all-in-one suite of AI tools for Web3. It includes:

  • Smart contract builder and deployer: a unique AI solution that allows no-coders to create complex smart contracts using natural language prompts. For the first time in Web3, building a smart contract becomes as easy as writing a text using ChatGPT. The tool supports a variety of blockchains and project types: DeFi, NFT, marketplaces, etc. All contracts created with Intelliverse are fully secure.
  • Launchpad: users will be able to set up token offerings for the assets created using the smart contract builder. All token sale parameters can be customized, including fundraising targets, KYC, token pricing and distribution, etc.
  • Staking pool builder: an effortless way to integrate token staking into a project – once again, integrated with the smart contract builder. Teams can easily configure their staking pools and even allow NFT holders to participate in staking.
  • Crypto swap and exchange platform: allows users to swap any tokens issued using Intelliverse, as well as other crypto assets – at the best market rates and with low fees.

Crypto Swap and Exchange: This integrated feature simplifies cryptocurrency transactions by enabling users to effortlessly exchange one cryptocurrency for another directly within the ICPTG platform. ICPTG offers competitive rates, and low transaction fees, and prioritizes security and compliance to protect user funds.

A major advantage of Intelliverse is that it streamlines the whole cycle of launching a Web3 project: from smart contract creation to deployment, token sale, and DEX trading. Thanks to ICPTG, Web3 founders can focus on their vision, saving up to 90% of time and resources compared to launching a project the traditional way.

Advantages for $ICPTG token holders

$ICPTG is the native utility token of the Intelliverse Crypto Platform Technology Group, issued on BNB Chain with a total supply of 100,000,000 (100 million) tokens. The token’s smart contract has successfully passed an audit by RFC.

  • Staking rewards (5% of the whole $ICPTG supply);
  • Governance rights within the ICPTG DAO;
  • Exclusive access to token presales on the ICPTG launchpad, and more.

Intelliverse private sale starts on May 10 at an unmissable price of $0.10 per 1 $ICPTG

The private sale is the first of the five planned $ICPTG sale stages. The private sale participants will benefit from the lowest price: only $0.10 for 1 $ICPTG token, as opposed to $0.30 at the public sale. This translates into a discount of 67%.

The key details of the private sale are as follows:

  • Where to buy: 
  • Start date and time: May 10, 2024, 8 PM UTC;
  • Token allocation: 2 million ICPTG (10% of the total supply);
  • Accepted currencies: BNB, USDT BEP-20;
  • Minimum purchasing amount: 0.10 USDT
  • Eligibility: all users (a BNB Chain wallet and some BNB for gas fees required).

Through its pioneering use of AI and natural language processing (NLP), Intelliverse (ICPTG) allows Web3 startup founders without coding experience to bring their ideas to life in the most cost-efficient way, making blockchain accessible to everybody. To buy $ICPTG tokens and learn more about Intelliverse, visit the official website.

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