AI Technology Streamlines Airport Security Screening and Reduces Delays

Airport security delays and disruptions are becoming increasingly common problems for travelers around the world, often leading to missed flights and growing frustrations. A recent incident at Birmingham Airport saw travelers endure a staggering four-hour wait in the security line and ultimately miss their flight. Gatwick Airport also recently faced significant delays after a fire alarm in the South Terminal prompted a full evacuation, causing passengers to be stuck on the runway and leading to a cascading effect of delayed departures.These are just a few examples that highlight a much bigger issue. In reality there are thousands of delayed flights every day across the US and up to 20,000 delays every single day internationally, many of which could be avoided with more efficient security screening. Fortunately, Liberty Defense has developed cutting-edge AI-powered security solutions designed for high-traffic areas that are already being deployed in airports around the world. Companies like L3Harris Technologies (NYSE:LHX), Leidos Holdings (NYSE:LDOS), Evolv Technology (NASDAQ:EVLV), and Xtract One Technologies (TSX:XTRA) (OTCQX:XTRAF) are also enhancing security measures in public places with advanced security technologies.
Liberty Defense is a leading provider of AI-based technologies for concealed threats in public spaces. The company’s flagship product, HEXWAVE, licensed from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), uses millimeter wave, advanced 3D imaging and AI for rapid, automated screening using contactless, walkthrough portals that can detect everything from liquid, powder and plastic explosives to 3D printed ghost guns and other threats of concern today that enhanced metal detectors on the market cannot detect. This system does not require passengers to remove everyday items like belts and shoes, facilitating a quicker, smoother screening experience that minimizes lines and eases congestion at security checkpoints.
On May 13, Liberty Defense announced that its HEXWAVE system has been selected by the Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport (ROC) in New York to improve the TSA’s Aviation Worker Security Screening. Serving approximately 2.4 million passengers annually with 120 daily flights, ROC has become the first US airport to adopt HEXWAVE into its security framework.
“As industry leaders, we are excited to be the first airport in the United States to acquire the HEXWAVE system to use in our broader airport security program,” said Deputy Director at the Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport Andrew Moore. “We will use the HEXWAVE to provide enhanced security and an improved screening experience in non-traditional areas of the airport. We are excited to work with Liberty Defense as we are continually looking to innovate and improve the overall safety of our airport.”
“We are thrilled that the ROC has selected Liberty Defense and the HEXWAVE as the screening solution for the Aviation Worker Program” said Liberty Defense CEO Bill Frain. “The flexibility and portability of the HEXWAVE allows the airport to quickly deploy and move the HEXWAVE to help meet security screening requirements to areas inside the airport. We are thrilled to work with them on their continued aviation industry innovation.”
Last week, Liberty Defense announced the shipment of multiple commercial HEXWAVE units to a major airport in Canada, which was later confirmed to be Toronto Pearson, which is Canada’s largest airport and the world’s sixth-most-connected airport. In 2023 alone, Toronto Pearson’s catered to over 44 million passengers.

Evolving Security Solutions Enhance Safety and Streamline Operations
L3Harris Technologies (NYSE:LHX) used to be the name behind all airport security checkpoints until it successfully completed the sale of its airport security and automation business to Leidos (NYSE:LDOS) in May 2020 for $1 billion. This business segment, which generated annual revenues of about $500 million, included L3Harris’ Security & Detection Systems and MacDonald Humfrey Automation solutions. These systems are integral to the operations of the aviation and transportation sectors, along with regulatory and customs authorities, government and law enforcement agencies, and various high-security facilities.
Last October, Leidos (NYSE:LDOS) introduced ProSight, its latest enterprise software solution tailored for airports and organizations with high-risk entry points. ProSight centralizes security management systems, integrating previously separate components like screening equipment, threat detection algorithms, and third-party data. This integration provides a comprehensive view of security operations, enhancing threat detection and operational efficiency through real-time, actionable data displayed on business intelligence dashboards. Designed with an open architecture, ProSight facilitates expanded connectivity and enhances system performance, making it a pivotal upgrade for security operations at several international airports in the coming months.
On May 9, Evolv Technology (NASDAQ:EVLV) reported financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2024. The company, which specializes in AI-based security screening, saw its revenue rise to $21.7 million, a 17% increase from the previous year. Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) nearly doubled to $82.5 million. However, Evolv still posted a net loss of $11.6 million, or $0.08 per share, an improvement over last year’s loss of $28.6 million, or $0.20 per share. Adjusted EBITDA was also negative at $10.7 million. As of March 31, the company had $81.3 million in cash and securities, with no debt.
Xtract One Technologies (TSX:XTRA) (OTCQX:XTRAF) announced today that its Multi-Sensor-Gateway portfolio, which includes the SmartGateway and SafeGateway, has received the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) SAFETY Act Designation as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT). This prestigious designation acknowledges the effectiveness of Xtract One’s technologies in protecting public spaces from advanced threats, significantly enhancing the company’s ability to deploy its systems on a larger scale. Recognized as a mandatory security partner by major sports leagues such as the NHL and MLB, Xtract One’s solutions facilitate secure, seamless access to venues, adapting to evolving security needs while ensuring minimal disruption for attendees.
Liberty Defense is also expanding into international markets, announcing a recent shipment of its HEXWAVE system to Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands and Subic Bay Airport in the Philippines.