Monport Mobility Protrude: Compact Laser Engraver Redefines Efficiency

NEW YORK, April 28, 2024 — Monport, an industry leader in laser engraving and cutting technology, introduces the groundbreaking Mobility Protrude. This compact and powerful CO2 laser engraver redefines efficiency and performance while maintaining an accessible price point.

The Mobility Protrude from Monport differs from Monport’s conventional CO2 machines in size. While Monport offers a diverse range of CO2 laser engraving machines from compact desktop models to massive high-power variants, catering to different projects and spaces, the Mobility Protrude stands out. It offers comparable performance to standard CO2 models but with a different physical design. It is compact, powerful yet affordable.

Compact Efficiency: Maximizing Space, Minimizing Footprint

While traditional CO2 laser engravers have a size matching their tube length, the Mobility Protrude line takes a bold new approach. These compact marvels pack the same power as larger models but are engineered for maximum efficiency in a smaller space.

Versatile Solutions for Varied Projects

Furthermore, it boasts 4-way pass-through functionality, accommodating materials up to 4′′ thick. From front to back, users can slide materials up to 32.3′′ wide through the window, enabling engraving dimensions of up to 24×16′′. The side-to-side opening of 20.5′′ maintains consistent engraving size, allowing for customization of large cutting boards, acrylic panels, or oversized plywood signs.

Unparalleled Performance, Compact Convenience

With cutting and engraving speeds of up to 800mm/s, the Mobility Protrude line offers unparalleled performance within a compact form factor. And for those requiring even larger project capacities, Monport offers a comprehensive range of CO2 laser engravers, including models with beds up to .

Powerful Performance in a Smaller Package

Taking the 80W model for example, it features an 80W tube like that found in larger models but with a more modest bed size and affordable price tag. With a 24×16′′ bed and price of just , the Mobility Protrude laser occupies a mere 44′′ width, a significant reduction from the 57′′ footprint of its full-size 80W counterpart. Compared to the larger 80W full-size laser priced at , the Mobility Protrude offers great savings in both size and cost. For those worried about project size, fear not – capabilities remain mighty.

Redefining Efficiency, Elevating Possibilities

In essence, the Monport Mobility Protrude redefines laser engraving efficiency by delivering powerful capabilities in a sleek, space-saving package. For those seeking compact yet powerful solutions, Monport is the trusted name in laser engraving technology.