Roundhill Bitcoin Covered Call Strategy ETF Declares April Distribution Amount

NEW YORK, April 25, 2024 – Roundhill Investments, an ETF sponsor focused on innovative financial products, has announced the following ETF distribution for the Roundhill Bitcoin Covered Call Strategy ETF (YBTC):

Fund Name


DistributionPer Share


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Distribution Frequency

Roundhill Bitcoin Covered Call Strategy ETF







The Distribution Yield** (as of 4/24/2024) and the 30-Day SEC Yield* (as of 3/31/24) for the Roundhill Bitcoin Covered Call Strategy ETF are 45.59% and 3.09%, respectively.
YBTC is the first, largest, and most liquid U.S.-listed Bitcoin Covered Call Strategy ETF.
The Gross Expense Ratio for YBTC is 0.95%.
The performance data quoted represents past performance. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance data quoted. The investment return and principal value of an investment will fluctuate so that an investor’s shares, when sold or redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost. Returns less than one year are not annualized. For the most recent standardized and month-end performance, please click here: .
*30-Day SEC Yield: Yield calculation that reflects the dividends and interest earned during the period after the deduction of the fund’s expenses. It is also referred to as the “standardized yield”.
**Distribution Yield: The annual yield an investor would receive if the most recent fund distribution remained the same going forward. The yield represents a single distribution from the fund and does not represent total return of the fund. The distribution yield is calculated by annualizing the most recent distribution and dividing by the most recent fund NAV.
Distributions may exceed the Funds’ income and gains for the Funds’ taxable year. Distributions in excess of the Funds’ current and accumulated earnings and profits will be treated as a return of capital.
The fund does not invest in bitcoin directly; it seeks to provide exposure to the price return of an exchange-traded fund that invests principally in bitcoin futures contracts (the “Bitcoin Futures ETF”). The fund is not suitable for all investors and involves a high degree of risk.
About Roundhill Investments:
Founded in 2018, Roundhill Investments is an SEC-registered investment advisor focused on innovative exchange-traded funds. Roundhill’s suite of ETFs offers unique and differentiated exposures across thematic equity, options income, and trading vehicles. Roundhill offers a depth of ETF knowledge and experience, as the team has collectively launched more than 100+ ETFs including several first-to-market products. To learn more about the company, please visit
Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses carefully before investing. For a prospectus or summary prospectus, if available, with this and other information about the Fund, please call 1-855-561-5728 or visit our website . Read the prospectus or summary prospectus carefully before investing.
All investing involves risk, including the risk of loss of principal. There is no guarantee the investment strategy will be successful. The fund faces numerous risks, including options risk, liquidity risk, market risk, cost of futures investment risk, clearing broker risk, commodity regulatory risk, futures contract risk, active management risk, active market risk, clearing broker risk, credit risk, derivatives risk, legislation and litigation risk, operational risk, trading halt risk, valuation risk and non-diversification risk. For a detailed list of fund risks see the prospectus.
Covered Call Strategy Risk. A covered call strategy involves writing (selling) covered call options in return for the receipt of premiums. The seller of the option gives up the opportunity to benefit from price increases in the underlying instrument above the exercise price of the options, but continues to bear the risk of underlying instrument price declines. The premiums received from the options may not be sufficient to offset any losses sustained from underlying instrument price declines, over time. As a result, the risks associated with writing covered call options may be similar to the risks associated with writing put options. Exchanges may suspend the trading of options during periods of abnormal market volatility. Suspension of trading may mean that an option seller is unable to sell options at a time that may be desirable or advantageous to do.
The covered call strategy utilized by the Fund is “synthetic” because the Fund’s exposure to the price return of the Bitcoin Futures ETF is derived through options exposure, rather than direct holdings of the shares of the Bitcoin Futures ETF. Because such exposure is synthetic, it is possible that the Fund’s participation in the price return of the Bitcoin Futures ETF may not be as precise as if the Fund were directly holding shares of the Bitcoin Futures ETF.
Bitcoin Futures ETF Risks. The Fund will have significant exposure to the Bitcoin Futures ETF through its options positions that utilize the Bitcoin Futures ETF as the reference asset. Accordingly, the Fund will be subject to the risks of the Bitcoin Futures ETF, set forth below.
Bitcoin Risk. Bitcoin is a relatively new innovation and the market for bitcoin is subject to rapid price swings, changes and uncertainty. The further development of the Bitcoin network and the acceptance and use of bitcoin are subject to a variety of factors that are difficult to evaluate. The slowing, stopping or reversing of the development of the Bitcoin network or the acceptance of bitcoin may adversely affect the price of bitcoin. Bitcoin is subject to the risk of fraud, theft, manipulation or security failures, operational or other problems that impact the digital asset trading venues on which bitcoin trades. The Bitcoin blockchain may contain flaws that can be exploited by hackers. A significant portion of bitcoin is held by a small number of holders sometimes referred to as “whales.” Transactions of these holders may influence the pri