SUPCON to unveil groundbreaking products in June, including world’s first universal control system

In June, SUPCON is set to launch two groundbreaking products in Singapore: the world’s first Universal Control System (UCS) and Time-Series Pre-trained Transformer (TPT), the first time-series model in the process industry.
UCS, a revolutionary innovation from SUPCON, is poised to revolutionize the 50-year-old distributed control system (DCS) architecture, promising to eliminate traditional control cabinets.
TPT, as the pioneering time-series model in the process industry, will replace numerous traditional industrial apps and overcome unsolved industrial challenges.
SUPCON, founded in 1999, is a prominent global provider of intelligent manufacturing solutions for process industries. The company is committed to the development and application of AI technology through the integration of advanced products and extensive industry know-how. With a global customer exceeding 30,000, SUPCON’s products address all needs across over 50 countries and regions, encompassing sectors like oil & gas, refinery & petrochemical, chemical, etc. Aiming at high-quality and sustainable development, SUPCON is on the way to facilitate the automation and intelligentization of the global process industry.
In 2023, SUPCON’s core products, the Distributed Control System (DCS) and the Safety Instrumented System (SIS), both claimed the top market share position in China, achieving respective figures of 37.8% and 33.7%. Notably, the DCS has maintained the No.1 position for a consecutive 13th year.