Tesla CEO says humanoid robot Optimus could be available for purchase by end of next year

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk revealed that its humanoid robot, Optimus, is still undergoing development but could potentially be available for purchase by the end of next year.
Many companies have been exploring humanoid robots as a solution to potential labor shortages, especially in industries like logistics, warehousing, retail, and manufacturing, where repetitive or hazardous tasks are common.
Musk expressed optimism regarding the readiness of the Tesla robot, suggesting that it might be capable of performing factory tasks by the end of this year.
The concept of humanoid robots has been in development for several years, with notable progress from companies such as Japan’s Honda and Hyundai Motor’s Boston Dynamics. More recently, Figure AI, a startup supported by Microsoft and Nvidia, announced a partnership with BMW to deploy humanoid robots in the automaker’s U.S. facilities.
Musk has previously indicated that robot sales could become a significant aspect of Tesla’s business, potentially surpassing other segments like car manufacturing.
However, Musk’s track record with fulfilling ambitious promises has faced skepticism from Wall Street in the past. For instance, in 2019, he announced plans for Tesla to operate a network of autonomous “robotaxi” cars by 2020, which did not come to fruition.
As the landscape of robotics continues to evolve with companies like Tesla exploring the potential of humanoid robots, another sector experiencing significant advancements is autonomous security robots. Knightscope, a leader in this field, has recently announced major strides in its operations, highlighting its dedication to transforming the security industry through innovative technology solutions.
Knightscope Expands Operations with New Deployments and Contract Wins
Knightscope‘s expansion efforts come at a time when the demand for advanced security solutions is on the rise. With evolving security threats and the need for proactive measures to mitigate risks, organizations are increasingly turning to autonomous technologies to enhance their security posture.
has leveraged four key technologies (autonomy, robotics, artificial intelligence, and EV technology) to better equip both domestic law enforcement and private businesses.
Since deploying its first Autonomous Security Robot (ASR) in May 2022, Knightscope has secured dozens of contracts across the US including a $1.2 million inventory replenishment order for its K1 Call Boxes, and a $1.25 million contract with Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, for a whopping 145 devices.
On April 30, announced the deployment of 37 K1 Blue Light Towers at Rio Hondo College in California. Emergency communications play a vital role in campus safety by providing reliable, one-touch access to services such as police, fire and EMS. Those on campus can utilize the new Blue Light Towers in times of danger, personal crisis, medical emergencies, to report suspicious behavior or activities, or for accidents.
In April, Knightscope reported revenue of $12.8 million for 2023, marking a 128% increase year-over-year. Net revenue from services increased by approximately $2 million to $7.2 million while net revenue from product sales increased by $5.2 million to $5.6 million in 2023. Revenue growth is driven primarily by full-year sales of Emergency Communication Devices, which were integrated into our product lines after the acquisition of CASE Emergency Management Systems.
The company’s success in winning these contracts can be attributed to its proven track record of delivering effective security solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client. By offering a range of services, including patrol, surveillance, and incident response, Knightscope ensures comprehensive coverage and peace of mind for its clients.
As Knightscope continues to expand its footprint and attract new clients, the company remains dedicated to its mission of making the world a safer place. By leveraging the power of automation and artificial intelligence, Knightscope is revolutionizing security operations and setting new standards for safety and protection.
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