Toitures Hogue becomes the only company in its sector in Quebec to receive international health and safety recertification under ISO-45001

BLAINVILLE, QC, April 27, 2024 – Toitures Hogue’s commitment to providing its employees with a structured, professional working environment that guarantees complete safety in the workplace, both on the job and on the job site, has just been awarded its renewed ISO 45001 certification, following a thorough audit. The certification confirms Toitures Hogue’s ability to fully control operational risks, to constantly improve its performance in occupational health and safety (OHS) management systems, and to gain universal recognition and a clear competitive edge.

Developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in Geneva, Switzerland, application of this standard is aimed at limiting work-related incidents, accidents, injuries and health and safety problems. Its primary objective is to enable organizations to manage their OHS risks, for the benefit of employees, suppliers and customers alike. As company president Jocelyn Hogue pointed out today, in addition to the health and safety of its personnel, ISO 45001 enables Toitures Hogue to simplify the integration of its occupational health and safety management system into a more global management system that takes into account the concepts of quality, safety and environmental quality. Among other things, ISO 45001 places greater emphasis on employee consultation and participation in managing change, and on taking account of the risks associated with outsourcing activities. With this in mind, Toitures Hogue has opted to step up the training of its staff and new employees, who in turn are called upon to attend practical training workshops at the company’s training center, where best health and safety practices and procedures, as well as the main principles of quality control, are taught. “These training programs are delivered by the company’s experienced trainers, who inevitably become mentors for younger employees and recruits who are integrated into the company’s workforce at a later stage,” explains President Jocelyn Hogue. He added that this protects the company from the labour shortage observed in the industry, since these programs have a major retention effect, building staff loyalty and, by the same token, customer loyalty. Clearly, in terms of overall benefits, ISO 45001 promotes the implementation and awareness of fully integrated Q.S.E. (Quality, Safety and Environment) approaches, while helping to reduce direct and indirect costs, increase productivity and implement structured global risk management. The company’s president went on to say that appropriation of the ISO 45001 standard gives rise to an organizational resilience matched by a resulting occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS) that systematically makes room for commitment and participation, planning, implementation, evaluation and management review, including continuous improvement. “Our ambition is to raise standards within our industry, and we intend to achieve this through concrete actions such as obtaining ISO 45001 certification,” concluded Mr. Hogue, asserting that ISO 45001 is the ideal winning formula for 21st century companies. SOURCE Toitures Hogue inc.