Xcyte Digital Corp. Introduces New “Xperience” Subscription Service

Event organizers will gain access to multiple event technologies under a single subscription with Xcyte’s new “Xperience” subscription service. Xcyte has signed multiple reciprocal services partnerships. These new offerings will enable Xcyte to generate new recurring revenue streams.

Through Xperience, subscribers will have the flexibility to choose event technologies across Xcyte’s extensive and growing partner ecosystem along with its professional managed services to ensure tailored, and economic solutions to make their events more successful. Xperience subscription packages are designed to fit the needs of companies that frequently organize a wide range of events in different formats, including physical, virtual, hybrid, experiential and immersive. Capabilities include: registration and ticketing, event management, mobile event apps, audience engagement, gamification, analytics and reporting, security and compliance, support and accessibility, and more. Subscribers can count on a single team to assist with training, configuration, deployment, and ongoing support.

Our subscription packages are intended to yield meaningful cost savings for clients, who can benefit from choosing the best platform for an event without having to pay for multiple subscriptions. Xperience offers a subscription model that is designed to be cost-effective, based upon the number of users and the frequency of events organized by customers. Key to delivering this offering is our newly launched partner ecosystem. We have established more than a dozen partnerships with a diverse range of event technology vendors, including Conrego, Floq, MootUp, Pheedloop, and RainFocus.

Global organizations, agencies and associations are expected to benefit from the first ever subscription to offer access to such a wide array of platforms.

The Xperience partner ecosystem is intended to be distributed globally and offered to, among others, large multinational enterprises, which is expected to broaden Xcyte’s reach into major worldwide markets.

Customers will have access to tailored solutions via the Xperience Subscription Service, allowing one subscription to be utilized for multiple business use cases, such as organizing corporate conferences, trade shows, townhalls, AGMs, career fairs, fundraising events, product launches and many more.

“We are deeply committed to the success of all of our customers’ events, which is why we offer comprehensive managed services as part of our subscriptions, ensuring end-to-end support,” said Xcyte CEO Randy Selman. “Xcyte anticipates growing the Xperience one-stop offering further with additional event technologies and supporting services, such as digital marketing and lead generation. We look forward to providing future updates as we execute upon this growth strategy.”

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