TNT, Powered by Smart, is The Leading Mobile Brand in the Philippines – NielsenIQ Study

Based on an internal study conducted by
Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) in collaboration with market
research firm NielsenIQ, TNT is identified as the primary
mobile brand in the Philippines, while Smart Communications, Inc. leads in
terms of the number of subscribers within the country.
The study involved surveying 1,175 Filipinos aged 18 to 60 years old, who
personally own and use a mobile SIM. It was conducted from January 5 to
April 3, 2023, and encompassed both individuals with single or multiple
SIM usage across various mobile brands.
The study revealed that 46% of respondents reported owning and currently
using a TNT mobile SIM, which is significantly higher compared to the
competition. In addition, 14% of participants claimed to own and use Smart
Prepaid, while 1% reported using Sun Prepaid.
TNT Mobile SIM, Smart 5G SIM Prepaid
Smart Group Has The Most Number of Claimed Subscribers
Based on the aforementioned study, Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart)
emerges as the leading mobile group in the Philippines, boasting the highest
number of reported subscribers. A combined total of 59% of respondents
claimed to use brands affiliated with Smart, such as TNT, Smart Prepaid, and
Sun Prepaid, surpassing competitors by a significant margin.

When analyzed by region, TNT takes the lead in terms of claimed users across
all surveyed areas except Mindanao. In the Visayas region, 60% of respondents
reported owning and using a TNT mobile SIM, while Balance Luzon and the Mega
Manila area (including Metro Manila, Rizal, and Palawan) saw 46% and 39% of
respondents respectively claiming TNT SIM usage.
On the other hand, in Mindanao, TM leads with 54% of claimed SIM users,
followed by TNT with 41% of claimed SIM users.
The survey encompassed a sample size of 329 respondents in the Mega Manila
area, 438 in Balance Luzon, 194 in the Visayas, and 214 in Mindanao.
Smart is The Fastest Network in the Philippines
In a separate report by Ookla, a renowned authority in mobile and broadband
network intelligence, Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) was recently
acknowledged as the fastest mobile network in the Philippines during the
first quarter of 2023.
This recognition further solidifies Smart’s consecutive accolades as the
country’s best mobile network for the periods of Q1-Q2 2022 and Q3-Q4 2022,
as previously bestowed by Ookla. Smart achieved this remarkable achievement
by securing both the Fastest Mobile Network and Best Mobile Coverage awards
within the same reporting periods, marking a groundbreaking milestone for a
mobile operator based in the Philippines.