Dutch police break up anti-Israel protest at University of Amsterdam

Anti-Israel protests have spread to the Netherlands. In the early hours of Tuesday morning, police arrested more than 120 people at an encampment erected at the University of Amsterdam. The sweeping arrest comes as demonstrations calling for the death of America and Israel have occurred in the U.S. and have spread into Europe. Police in the Dutch capital said the protests turned violent and that their action was “necessary to restore order” in a statement on X. Officers used batons and shields as they moved into the demonstration, beating some of the protesters and video from the scene aired by national broadcaster NOS showed. Police also used a mechanical digger to rip down barricades. There were no reported injuries. On Monday, the agitators copied the template of those agitators at elite U.S. colleges and universities as they formed barricades from wooden pallets and bicycles, NOS reported. Photos from the Amsterdam campus showed the agitators had erected tents, displayed anti-Israel banners and had gathered containers of food. More and more people joined the demonstrators, who ultimately occupied a section of the university. They urged Amsterdam universities to break academic ties with Israel over its war with Hamas in Gaza and the rising civilian death toll. Police intervened after scuffles broke out on the campus Monday night between two rival groups. Officers gave repeated orders for the protesters to leave, which they said went ignored, so they cleared the makeshift camp. “The protest in this form created a very unsafe situation, partly due to the barricades that prevented emergency services from entering the site. In the event of a disaster, the activists themselves could possibly become stuck on the site,” police said. Police said the campus remained calm on Tuesday, after the crowd was dispersed. Campuses in France and the have also seen demonstrations in recent days.