Iran says nuclear sites ‘fully safe’ after reported Israeli strikes: state media

Iran says its “nuclear energy mountain” sites in the city of Isfahan, home to the country’s Uranium Conversion Facility and three research reactors, as well as its nuclear mountain, are “fully safe” and were not impacted by Israeli strikes. An Iranian army commander Gen. Abdolrahim Mousavi said the explosion heard that morning in the sky of Isfahan was related to the shooting of air defense systems at a suspicious object that did not cause any damage. The International Atomic Energy Agency, a nuclear watchdog organization, later confirmed “there is no damage to Iran’s nuclear sites.” The agency said it “continues to call for extreme restraint from everybody and reiterates that nuclear facilities should never be a target in military conflicts.” Details surrounding the intended target of the strike – if there was one – were not immediately available, but an Israeli official was previously able to confirm the target was “not nuclear or civilian.” A senior Iranian official allegedly told Reuters that Iran has no plans to immediately respond to the Israeli strike, which was described differently in Iranian state media. The explosions heard in Isfahan were allegedly a result of the country’s air defense systems activating and not a missile attack, the official told Reuters. Former Israeli spokesman Jonathan Conricus wrote on Twitter that while Iran appears to downplay the strike, he “think[s] they’ve gotten the message.” Digital’s Bradford Betz, Jennifer Griffin and Elizabeth Pritchett contributed to this report.