US Embassy in Lebanon Attacker Wore Probable ISIS Insignia, State Department Reports

The State Department disclosed on Wednesday that the assailant accused of launching a shooting attack on the US embassy in Beirut that morning was spotted wearing an item of clothing that “bore resemblance to the insignia of ISIS.” 

Matthew Miller, spokesman confirmed that “one individual affiliated with the embassy’s local security personnel sustained severe injuries” and that the gunman was taken into custody shortly after the incident which commenced approximately 8:30 a.m. local time. 

“Our understanding is that the apprehended individual was wearing what appeared to be an ISIS insignia, but we are in the process of conducting a multifaceted investigation in conjunction with Lebanese authorities to determine the individual’s true motives,” said Miller at a press conference. 

The official statement released by the embassy indicated that “reports of small arms fire emerged from an area adjacent to the U.S. Embassy’s entrance” and that “as a result of the rapid response initiated by security forces from both Lebanon and our embassy, our team and premises are now secure.” 


“We have made the decision to close the embassy to the public for the remainder of today, June 5th. However, full business operations are set to resume as scheduled tomorrow, June 6th,” the statement continued. 


The embassy further advised U.S. citizens residing in Lebanon to remain alert and to monitor both Travel.State.Gov  “for any relevant notifications as well as credible news sources for up-to-date developments.” 

“As stated in the official Travel Advisory issued for Lebanon, we encourage U.S citizens to abstain from traveling to these regions: the Lebanon-Israel border area, the Lebanon-Syria border area, and any refugee settlements,” the statement added. “And throughout Lebanon, it is imperative that you steer clear of demonstrations and proceed with caution if you happen to be near sizable gatherings or protests.” 

This incident occurred against the backdrop of escalating conflicts along the border separating Israel and the Lebanese militant organization, Hezbollah. 

’ Landon Mion and Danielle Wallace contributed to this report.